Your tax deductible donation dollars go to help the following:

Fourth of July Fireworks

Fourth of July Fireworks: The fireworks over Flathead Lake are the most popular and also most expensive event of our annual Fourth of July celebration.

The fifteen-minute display brings with it a cost of more than $10,000. Community businesses, individuals and local organizations all work to raise the necessary funds each year.

A donation to the fireworks fund helps to provide this bright and shining salute for our community.

Flowers and Beautification Committee

Flowers for downtown Polson: For more than 20 years, beautiful flower baskets have graced downtown Polson throughout the summer months. These baskets draw rave reviews and have become a source of pride for Polson.

The baskets are a joint project of the Polson Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Polson Community Foundation who are responsible for raising more than $15,000 annually to cover the cost of the baskets and their care.


Currently you can make a donation to either of these local causes by contacting the Chamber office. Thank You!