Just Beautiful Things ~ Carole Carberry Fine Art

Fine Art and Stained Glass gallery and production Studio!

A multi-media artist with particular interest in watercolor, calligraphy and printmaking. Her award-winning paintings, “Dressed for Dinner” and “Boys on the Bed”, were chosen for the Water-media Society’s Traveling Show for the years 2012 and 2013.  The long-necked birds are her favorite subject matter … swans, egrets, herons … and pelicans, too.  She has spent many hours photographing or sketching the birds wherever she can find them … on rivers and reservoirs in Montana, or at natural rookeries and inlets.  It is the graceful curve of a swan’s neck, the uniquely regal neck of an egret, the richness of warm colors in the beaks of pelicans and herons … that she finds “beautiful” and attempts to share in her work.

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