“We Leave the Flowers Where They Are”

October 3, 2019 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
North Lake County Public Library
2 First Avenue East
Polson MT

41 women, 41 unforgettable true stories.

We will be having several of the authors of this anthology at the library for a reading and book signing. Proceeds benefit Humanities Montana and the Zootown Arts Community Center.

“Storytelling has been part of the human race for centuries”, says Fifield. “Writing a memoir, telling your own story, changes everything.”

The idea for the project grew out of Fifield’s memoir classes. Women of all ages and backgrounds have been writing and sharing their stories in his classes for years, according to Fifield, who says “it is time to share these stories with a broader audience.”

The anthology is a truly diverse collection, with stories from women all around the Big Sky State, from Powder River to Eureka. Reflecting the lives of all Montana women, the authors’ stories offer joy, pain, humor and hope. From the story of how a midwife in Montana was sued and fought in court to ultimately earn the first professional license issued by the state, to the memoir of an incarcerated woman diagnosed with AIDS; the anthology represents the voices of writers with stories that demand to be told. Fifield’s hope is that these memoirs will help other women to not feel alone, ashamed, and to believe that change is possible.

For more information, call the North Lake County Public Library at 883-8225, visit our website at www.northlakecountylibrary.org or go to mtstories.com to read more about the authors, the project, and exclusive content from the book.