Flathead Cherry Festival

This festival is about cherries we will continue to have the event the last weekend in July when they are at their peak ripeness. Discover the history of cherries and visit Cherry Alley for more information and activities. Shop a curated selection of artists, vendors, and freshly baked treats. Relax, cool down under the tent by the food court, and take it all in.  Exhibits and Montana-Made Items: See, eat, purchase, or sell an amazing assortment of everything from art, photos, and crafts to foods and treats.  Polson is one unique and beautiful place.

Saturday July 29, 9 AM-5 PM and Sunday July 30, 10 AM- 3 PM


Sidewalk Chalk Art Contest
Cherry Pit Spitting Contest

SUNDAY, July 30
ELKS LODGE Pancake Breakfast 
Enjoy a full pancake breakfast, and start your morning right. Organized by the Polson Chamber of Commerce. 

SUNDAY July 30
Foodie Competition


We are doing things a little differently this year and opening up the opportunity to all local cherry growers, in addition to those that are members of the Flathead Cherry Growers Association.

Cherries sold at the Flathead Cherry Festival must be commercially acceptable, quality fruit from orchards within the legally established Pest Control District in Lake and Flathead Counties.  To protect Flathead cherries’ reputation and commercial value, fruit must be free of Western cherry fruit fly (WCFF) infestation.

Cherry vendors may be asked to provide written evidence of steps taken to control an infestation of the WCFF in their orchards.

We know that cherry crops can vary from year to year, and we are seeking vendors that want to commit to selling their cherries at the event. This application is a way to collect contact information from potential vendors. Easy access booth spaces are limited.

Questions? Send us an email: cherryfestival@polsonchamber.com


We require all vendors to use this online application and registration form once accepted. Please fill out all of the information as best as possible. The Polson Chamber of Commerce reserves the right to refuse duplicate products, and priority will be given to local & regional artists and businesses in the order they are received and vendors offering cherry and cherry-themed products. Past participation doesn’t guarantee future acceptance.

July 29-30, 2023

THIS IS A TWO-DAY EVENT, AND VENDORS MUST ATTEND BOTH DAYS.  Except for emergencies, failure to attend both days forfeits participation the following year. You are encouraged to book hotel rooms early, as July is always busy. All applications are due by April 15, 2023.

All booth fees will be due May 31, 2023, and are considered non-refundable. You will be notified via email of your acceptance by May 1st, and a link will be provided for an online contract and directions on how to pay.